MultiPet and Multiport certified according to EuCertPlast


MultiPet and Multiport are continuing their quality-oriented way consistently. The companies, being qualified waste management companies and which are certified according to DIN 9001, 14000, 50001 and according to the German regulation on packaging have now participated in the Europe-wide certification procedures of EuCertPlast.

The Managing Directors Herbert Snell and Michael Dausel pointed out, that the arrangements for this new European certification had been carried out extremely precise and that all requirements are fulfilled.

“We participate in this European certification, as we expect that the certification according to the German regulation on packaging can be dropped in the future. The replacement of certifications of each individual state by an unified European standard has to be the aim”, Herbert Snell emphasises. According to Michael Dausel, above all, the medium-sized plastic recyclers expect that multiple certifications in Europe will have to come to an end. “Multiple certifications mean higher administrative costs and unnecessary extra expenses.”