PE and PP recyclates
for the plastic processing industry

multithene - PE HD

Since 1993 Multiport GmbH has been processing polyolefins from household and industrial waste and produces sorted regranulates. Those flow entirely or as intermixture into the plastic production of a variety of industrial products like pipes, channel covers, rain barrels, profile wellings, spacers and the like.

By homogeneous batches of up to 12 tons, an own laboratory and permanent quality control we guarantee a reproducible and constant quality of our regranulates.

We have continuously improved our production facilities and methods and have a capacity of 35,000 tons per year at present.

PE HD colours melt flow index/ MFI [g/10 min]


product description material tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-black.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-grey.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-coloured.gif   tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-drainage-pipe.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-double-wall-drainage-pipe.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-cable-conduit.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-profile-welling-construction.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-spacers.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-profiles-house-covers.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-compounds.gif
multithene 1061 PE HD Compound x x   0,70 - 1,00 (190/5) x   x        
multithene 1062 PE HD Compound x x   0,90 - 1,60 (190/5) x   x        
multithene 1063 PE HD Compound x x   1,50 - 2,10 (190/5)   x   x   x  
multithene 1050 PE HD Compound x x   2,00 - 3,50 (190/5)       x x    

* This list provides only examples for applications; the material can only be approved after veryfication by the customer. Our recyclates are not suitable for the production in the context of the act (EC) 282/2008.

This table shows only a part of possible applications with our high quality recyclates. We offer individual solutions for your product.

We are looking forward to your enquiry.