multipet - PET

PET recyclates provide the basis for a wide range of different products. For example, they are used in the textile industry for polyester fibers, in the automotive industry for plastic components or in the packaging industry for strapping, sheets and bottles.

PET recyclates are very similar to new granulates, but are less expensive and make a valuable contribution towards protecting the environment.

We at the MultiPet GmbH are specialized in the recycling of PET waste, in particular PET packaging for liquid goods such as beverage bottles. Our quality controlled recycling process transforms PET waste into PET flakes, both clear and in various colours. We are also engaged in cooperative venture, that offers PET regenerates.

MultiPet recyclates are subject to seamless quality assurance process during and after production and guarantee customers a constant level of high quality. This is also ensured by certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

As a reliable partner, MultiPet also offers its customers innovative solutions and consultation on the use and recycling of PET.

multipet PET flakes colour applications*
product description material tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-clear.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-blue.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-coloured.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-brown.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-sheets.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-fibers.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-straps.gif tl_files/bilder/tabellen/tabelle-bottles.gif
multipet-C-01 PET flakes x       x     x
multipet-C-02 PET flakes x       x x   x
multipet-C-04 PET flakes x         x    
multipet-B-02 PET flakes   x     x     x
multipet-O-02 PET flakes     x   x x x  
multipet-O-03 PET flakes     x     x    

* This list provides only examples for applications; the material can only be approved after veryfication by the customer. Our products are not suitable for the production in the context of the act (EC) 282/2008.